Wind Conditions and Other Things for Rendezvous Racing

Wednesday, August 1st

Currently wind conditions for the weekends racing are looking a little light, or perhaps we should just call them comfortable.

Environment Canada’s forecast for Halifax Harbour and Approaches is calling for winds from the Southwest at 10 to 15 knots on Saturday and winds variable 10 to 15 knots on Sunday.

Remember, this is Nova Scotia, all that can change. For example yesterday, with a similar forecast, winds were 5 knots within the Harbour but were reaching 25 knots at the mouth of the Harbour with 3-4 metre long period swells.

The prevailing wind along the coast of Nova Scotia is Southwest and that brings tropical moisture and humidity with it. There may be fog towards the mouth of the Harbour and bright sunshine inside.

I should also mention that Halifax is a very busy commercial harbour, even on the weekends. The race committee is aware of the movements of ships and times races and positions courses accordingly. You can monitor commercial traffic on VHF Channel 12. Please stay clear of these ships. They move deceptively quickly and cannot manoeuvre to stay clear of you. Should you hear repeated blasts from their horn please alter your course. They produce large waves and the height of them will often block the wind from your sails. Unlike motorcar racing “drafting” behind a container ship doing 20 knots is negatively offset by the ships prop wash.

I’ll update the forecast tomorrow. Remember the “Heat Warning” is still in effect.

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