It All Start’s Tomorrow

I absolutely love going to Nonsuch Rendezvous. I love seeing the other boats, chatting with old friends and new ones, eating some great food, enjoying some amazing entertainment, but most of all it’s the one time each year I have to clean Dexterity from top to bottom.

I was over at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron last evening with rags and wax in hand. I noticed there have been a few early Rendezvous arrivals sitting in the mooring field waiting for their marina to become available for the weekend. Another group are supposed to be sailing up from Mahone Bay today. Quite foggy here this morning and winds are supposed to gust to 25 knots later on with clearing skies in the late afternoon. I suspect those boats will have a nice run up the coast despite not being able to see it. 

Yesterday there were reports of Bluefin tuna feeding just around the corner from Halifax. Here in Nova Scotia we get the big Bluefin, some weighing over a 1,000 pounds. The locals call them “granders”. They follow the bait fish, usually Mackeral. A little luck and we may see them in the harbour for our races. There have been lots of reports of whales, seals and blackfish (small dolphin). Now don’t get all excited about the whales. They rarely, if ever, breach in the harbour but they do surface to “blow”. Fun to watch but boats have to stay 300 metres away. 

The behind scenes work for the Rendezvous is beginning to wind down. The small team behind the Rendezvous finished decorating the Spar Shed the other day for the Welcome event. I must say they did a terrific job. The musical entertainment is all set to go. The race committee has things well in hand and, as a bit of a bonus, the Metro Regatta which was running concurrently with our races, has been cancelled. We now have the entire harbour to ourselves!

But back to boat cleaning. Jane was busy polishing the stanchions while I applied a little wax to the cabin house. You’ve got to remember at 7pm last evening it was 29C and the humidity was 100% so very little waxing was actually done. The Wednesday Night race fleet arrived home with full crews and before long every pier was full of thirsty sailors holding a bottle of their favourite ale. I watched with envy as I cleaned the windlass for the first time this year. Finally Jane said “enough of this” or something to that effect and the wax rags were tossed and we headed to the air conditioned truck. Another day of Rendezvous prep was done.

Tonight I’ll go over to the RNSYS and hang a big Welcome banner on the front gates. Jane has a few loose ends to clear up with her co-chair and then before we know it the Rendezvous will be underway.  It’s going to be quite exciting to see this event tick over like a swiss watch. As that is unlikely to happen let’s just all settle back and enjoy each other’s company, meet new friends, do a little sailing and party like Nova Scotians.

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